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Near Death Experiences

Cloning And Stem Cells

Genetic Engineering

The Power of Knowledge and Truth

The Power of Authority and Law

The Power of Salvation

The Power of Prophecy

The Power to Lift Humanity

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

The Letter To The Church At Laodicea - Glen Tattersall

The Prophesied Christ - Ritchie Doņa

How Big is Your God? - Glen Tattersall

Wait Till You Hear What I Heard - Greg Shea

Almost Saved, but Lost! - Greg Shea

Did Jesus Make Alcoholic Wine - Glen Tattersall

And Be Ye Kind - Glen Tattersall

What Christianity Can Do For You - Glen Tattersall

Remembering the Lord - Glen Tattersall

How Are Your Eyes? - Glen Tattersall

Wearing the Armour of God - Glen Tattersall

Keys to Preaching the Gospel - Glen Tattersall

The Influence of Christ and Christianity - Ritchie Doņa

The Encouragement of Shechaniah - Glen Tattersall

Cultivating a Loving Family Relationship - Glen Tattersall

The Sayings of the Cross - Part 1 - Glen Tattersall

The Sayings of the Cross - Part 2 - Glen Tattersall


My Christianity - Series by Roger D. Campbell

Our Awesome God

My Faith

My Separation

My Outreach

My Priorities


Fundamentals of the Faith - Series by John Grubb

Why We Believe The Bible

Why We Need To Be Saved

Why The Church Is Not A Denomination

Why Christianity Will Change Your Life


Who is Jesus? - Series by Charlie DiPalma

The Christ

The Lamb of God

"I Am..."

Our Saviour/Redeemer

The Head of His Church

Our Judge


Things Not Taught in the Bible - Series by Ian McPherson and Glen Tattersall

Original Sin

All Good People Go To Heaven

One Church Is As Good As Another

Modern Miracles

The Sinner's Prayer

The 1000 Year Reign


Sermons We Sing - Workshop Lessons 2015

How Firm A Foundation - Glen Tattersall

You Never Mentioned Him To Me - Brett Rutherford

Blessed Be The Tie - Phil Dow

There's A Great Day Coming - Ritchie Doņa


Why I Believe in the God of the Bible - Brett Rutherford

The Bible and Dinosaurs

The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

The Cost of the Theory of Evolution

Proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus

The Character of the God of the Bible

God's Plan for You