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Welcome to the home page of the Balfour Street

Church of Christ

Non-denominational Christianity

In the first century, there was only one church. Christians in different locations were united by a common faith, a common belief, and by a common form of worship. There were churches at Jerusalem, Corinth, Rome, Ephesus, Antioch, and a number of other places. That which separated them was geography — not different teachings. But that was then. . .

In the 21st Century, things are a lot different in the religious world. Now we have a variety of different churches, teachings, practices, and forms of worship. In fact did you know that the majority of denominations are less than 600 years old?

The Bible teaches that Jesus was only ever going to build (establish) one church: “...I will build My church,...” Matthew 16:18; and that He died to save only one church: “Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her” Ephesians 5:25. Quite clearly then not all the churches of today can be the one Jesus built. The implications of this is worthy of our deepest consideration.

The concept of non-denominational or pre-denominational Christianity which the church of Christ espouses, is to do away with all the man-made teachings, creeds, and traditions that have developed over the years. In other words unless a teaching or practice can be found in the Bible we don’t hold to it or teach it. By following this simple aim we can be the same church of Christ we read about in the pages of the New Testament.

We invite you to explore this site, to contact any of the listed churches and to study the Bible with us. Examine for yourself that you too can be simply a Christian and a member of that church which has existed since the first century.

We offer a variety of Bible Study courses to help people to gain a good knowledge of the Scriptures. It is our aim that the scriptures be studied in context without any denominational bias.

The courses we offer include:
A free no obligation, non-denominational correspondence course

A free DVD "Searching for Truth". Lessons include:
       Searching For Truth
Truth about the Creator
Truth about Authority
Truth about the Church
Truth about the House of God
Truth about Baptism

For further information please email
    *Please note these courses are for those living in Australia. For enquiries from   
     elsewhere in the world please
email Truth for the World





This Web site is maintained by the Balfour Street church of Christ. All non-denominational churches of Christ are autonomous.