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We encourage you to explore these links below.
We would especially like to draw you attention to the Eastern Shore Lectureships,
in which you will find a wealth of useful Biblically based lessons.


Useful Links:
World Video Bible School Eastern Shore Lectureships 1997 2001, 2003
World Video Bible School - Online Courses Eastern Shore church of Christ
Thebible.net Mersey-Bluff church of Christ
Tasmania Bible School Church Street church of Christ
Truth for the World Lim Ah Pin church of Christ - Singapore
Apologetics Press House To House
Banner of Truth Christian Courier
"Seek The Old Paths" Southaven church of Christ
Searching for Truth Jurong church of Christ - Singapore
The Gospel Journal Beltline church of Christ, Irving, Texas
Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) Parsons church of Christ, Tennessee
International Bible Teaching Ministries Chinese Courses by John Grubb
Tullstar - Various Lectureship Recordings Daily Bible Studies
The Gospel Radio Network Online Academy of Biblical Studies